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We learned a lot, but the most important thing was how to conduct customer discovery calls with potential users.

Our first calls: Terrible! We were boasting about the product, sharing "our ideas and conceptions". The result of this was people saying "we love the product and your excitement", but we didn't get any relevant data to answer the burning question: "Do they need this enough that they would pay for it".

Then we found out about the Mom test book, which is very actionable. We restarted our discovery phase, and we learned so much about our potential customers by not sharing a thing about our product but just asking relevant questions related to their challenges/needs in the space.

We definitely recommend that every founder at an early-stage startup should read this book.

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Makers: Anita and Marina

Best Place to Find Them: Twitter . Anita and Marina launched a startup built with 100% no-code. It's an amazing SaaS built with no-code in Bubble.

Here is my product teardown of what we can learn to build a product and build with no-code. Outline below the video to find exactly what you'd like to learn about them building Biyo

00:00 : Intro to the Makers- Anita and Marina
02:00: How does Biyo standout **- product approach
04:00: **Landing page review: **Three things you can do to improve conversion rate within 8 seconds of landing on your SaaS landing page
05:00: **Landing page review:
Best case study I have seen for a SaaS hero section. Use this SaaS hero section to learn from for your SaaS landing page
10:00: The Product teardown **- AMAZING no-code SaaS build with - what can we learn
12:00: **Onboarding: **How to immediately have the user feel success without taking an actions
13:00: **Activation: **How to think about experimenting with onboarding to drive better activation
16:00: **Building in bubble:
A no-code builder inside a no-code builder
17:00: Biyo: Gorgeoous portfolio builder: **Can you make your product fun to use? Easiest and most fun portfolio builder on the planet
22:00 **Upsell in your SaaS: **Leading with product led upsales, how can we best drive upgrades within your product
24:00 **How to drive greater subscription level upsell
: Do you have a new feature in your product that users have never used before? How can you get them to feel the value of it AND drive an upgrade in the sale. I share how you can do that
26:00: **How to get amazing testimonials **from your product. Measure the success for your users to see the value

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