Paytable is a Nocode Membership Site Builder. Purpose built for database and research products


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Joel Rosen



I think the biggest thing I learnt whilst building Paytable is the importance of execution and how much the effort for that involved can drastically vary depending on the type of product your building.

For example the main functionality of Paytable, the 'document delivery' was pretty much built within a month or so, but because it's pretty much a full blown membership management tool (all be it alot quicker and lighter than other membership tools) everything 'else' has taken ages.

  • Working with payment features like integrating Stripe is ALOT of work especially if you creating user to user relationships (marketplaces etc)

  • Ive pretty much had to learn how to become a Stripe programmer to be able to build all my custom calls in Bubble (and remember - I was just a designer 12 months ago)!

  • FAQ's, help docs, onboarding, payment features etc - all the 'extra' bits I hadn't properly scoped for have taken the most time for sure.

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hours to build

Maker: Joel Rosen Best Place to Find Him: Twitter . Joel quit is job and bootstrapped his way to profitability building a no-code SaaS with Bubble

Here is our chat. Also, outline below the video to find exactly what you'd like to learn about him building

Intro - Joel Rosen

01: Joel Rosen story about starting building with no-code and quitting the day job
02: What did Joel have that gave him the confidence to make the jump to pursue full time? 
03: How to build up an audience and distribution with a side project
04: Monetizing a side project  
06: What inspired him to move from a course product to a SaaS with Paytable
07: What is this SaaS idea generation and how Joel did it with Paytable
12: Where do you decide to start for your digital business?
15: Where is your unfair advantage: Identify like how Joel leverages his strengths to create his products and being aware of that helps you give more when creating a product and gives you an unfair advantage
18: Tech stack and building Paytable
19: How to leverage no-code to validate  
21: Joel can iterate and change his product in a day because of no-code
23: No-code allows you to get a faster feedback loop and create something faster
25: Solo founder: how he builds and marketing at the same time
27: How he went from 0 to 50 MRR customers in 2 days when launching embed Notion 
30: His approach for finding a micro SaaS idea by noticing behaviors of people through Twitter
31: Product Explorer trends of 10,000 trends and product ideas
32: His thought process of making the jump from corporate job to create his own products and services
34: How he structures his day
36: Single most important thing Joel would have told himself before he quit
40: Where you can find Joel on twitter: @j__rosen

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