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Last updated on:
April 13, 2022

Are you a designer or enjoy Photoshop? Then you’ll love Webflow. Webflow is your go to tool for no code makers, designers, devs who want to build a web page without actually having to code it. 

But if I were to be honest, I would not recommend Webflow if you’re just starting out looking to make and launch your first no code side project. Not because it is a bad product. Because the learning curve is high. The purpose of actually shipping a product is to get it out into the wild as soon as possible. My recommendation is to use something that is a simpler version of whatever you are thinking of by using a less powerful tool for the job. Those examples can be found back on the main home page where I talk about Carrd.

However, depending on your complexity of build, there are some fantastic resources and templates and how to’s to get started that will help you be successful.

And in fact, this website is created in Webflow. Webflo has some major advantages. Like site performance, the best SEO performance, the best CMS structure, and ability to do programmatic content approach.

I would use Webflow once your idea or side project is more validated by actual users or revenue. Because then you can afford to sink time into the product as you’ve validated your concept and you might then be ready for a more robust tool.

Below are some of the best no code actual applications created by some insanely talented Makers who launched using Webflow as part of the side project stack

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