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Building a no-code app with Landbot

What is it:

Online Ordering Restaurant Bot

What did I learn:

1. No-code tool feature: Landbot

Austin built a conversational ordering menu using We have all ordered online before. I was really impressed with using there felt reduced friction in the ordering process. It just felt smooth. The integrations with Stripe and little things like the easy address selector was a dream to use. You can tell it is a quality no-code product to make that experience streamlined.

Landbot is a tool that was originally designed as a chatbot app. Where you could make your own custom chatbot. What I think that it is even better is that its morphing into a very powerful form builder that not a lot of people talk about. It has a lot of powerful integrations like Stripe and it flows smooth like a web app. It's builder is visual and easy to create a workflow with logic and rules around it.

If you are looking for a conversational type of experience, and want a low learning level type of tool to pick up, that is also powerful enough to do something with I would recommend that you check this no-code tool out.

2. No-code tool feature: Landbot has a few powerful features that I was really surprised about:

The app that Andrew built is an online ordering app for a restaurant.

1. Check out/shopping cart feature like a web app
2. Order search and look up

I had used the app several weeks ago, when I returned it remembered my order that I had left in my cart. I was really impressed with this functionality and experience. It is much more than a simple form builder and gives outsized value for how easy it is to learn this tool.

Pricing is a little more expensive but it has greater functionality than any other form builder I have seen.

3. No-code tool feature: Landbot integrates with Whatsapp.

When should you integrate with Whatsapp and how many channels should you be active on when you are starting your side project?

1. I think it depends on your distribution
2. Focus on one channel, learn from it, get it really right then expand

One of my favorite tweets about distribution was from Founder Justin Kan who founded (Twitch) said:
"First time founders are obsessed with product. Second time founders are obsessed with distribution"

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