It is a web application for road cycling fans. It provides information about races, teams, and riders that belong to the top 2 categories of the Union Cicliste Internationale.


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The learning curve to use Google Sheets as a "CMS" for Glide was short. What wasn't easy was the learning of data relationships. As you can see, there are many tables that I use to group data that relates to each other. It took me more time.

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What is it:

It is a web application for road cycling fans. It provides information about races, teams, and riders that belong to the top 2 categories of the Union Cicliste Internationale.

What did I learn:

1. Full screen view well executed. Ivan created a beautiful app to track racing information for professional cycling. This is the first app submitted to Side Project Stack that has used the full screen feature. This is a newer feature for Glide. I was curious to see how this was implemented. It fits nicely within this presentation because Ivan has a lot of content, and uses a great deal of maps. This actually suits the full screen presentation well. When creating your first app, I would suggest to design for mobile viewport first, then adjust to the full screen. As a product manager, this is a best practice I have learned over the years working with many excellent designers.

2. Dark mode - This is also the first app I had see use dark mode configuration. I thought that this was really well done considering all the corresponding photos and content must work together with the presentation. There is a ton of content and pictures that Ivan has to manage. It all looks professionally done and seamless. Typically I would advise against dark mode, but I think that given the photos and content that he had, this looks like the best option.

3. Subpages and content - Iván does a terrific job managing the backend google sheets of this project. With Glide, google sheets comes standard as your CMS. It can be tricky to manage all the back pages. When I first used Glide for my projects, this took a little bit to get my bearings with how the pages connected and worked. I wouldn't say a high learning curve but would say that this was the only part that didn't feel quite natural at first. If going into your first Glide project I would advise at

4. Maps - Anytime that you can integrate maps into your content it is a slam dunk to break up the wording and other content. This project is a great example of using content in the right way to give information but not overkill with text.

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