App for finding safe areas, resources, and communication within areas of a riot.

Safe Lines

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You can make an immediate social impact.
Your imagination may be limitless as is using no-code tools.
Different times zones, remote working and cross-cultural working environments are the way forward and essential.

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What is it:

"Currently, there is the worst demonstration of violence, protesting and civil unrest in South Africa since the early 90s.

My husband and I are originally from South Africa (I am a first-generation immigrant however, his family have been there for many generations).

On Saturday I embarked on my no-code journey with On Deck as being part of the second cohort for ODNC.

On Monday I was receiving floods of text messages, videos and photos from our family group chat. The family were asking for us to think of them, pray/send thoughts as the area of Hillcrest and Waterfall in KwaZulu-Natal was swarmed with rioters and looters. Moments later I was receiving the same sort of messages, videos and voice notes from friends telling me that they loved me and didn't know what was going to happen that night.

In an instant, I searched the news to find minimal information on what exactly was going on and then a wave of fear and helplessness hit me.

On the ODNC2 Slack channel, I sent out a plea for fellows to help me create an emergency app that would help locate safe and unsafe zones in and around high-risk areas in South Africa.

As the economy and political situation has been deteriorating for such a long time certain necessities that we take as a given here aren't as readily available there. For instance, load-shedding. This is where the municipalities shut of the power grids in areas for hours at a time resulting in total disconnection from access to the outside world, only if you have a mobile phone and access to wifi etc are you able to know what is going on around you. We needed to build something simple but essential.

With that in mind, myself, Kelly and Menan began building a potentially life-saving app (I do not use this term lightly) where the following was developed:
- ZONES: logging safe and unsafe zones, commenting on the activity in those areas and editing them when the risk of riots and looting changes.
- RESOURCES: logging areas where available/unavailable supplies like medicine, petrol stations, shopping centres and groceries are available in safe/unsafe zones
- FORUM: this is where the most important information or alerts are shared - regardless of region.

I owe a great deal to Kelly and Menan, their 'service first' attitude and compassion for others reach far beyond what I ever imagined and the synergy was electric.

We have now launched our first feature request:
- ASIST: which focuses around organisers and volunteers going into safe but looted zones and clearing up, supporting businesses and sourcing (consciously) supplies. "

Maker Insight:

"You can make an immediate social impact.
Your imagination may be limitless as is using no-code tools.
Different times zones, remote working and cross-cultural working environments are the way forward and essential. "

What did I learn:

1. See the best way I have seen maps used into an app for standout UX that helps the user
2. Product strategy for my idea - when should I consider using Glide?

No-code Product Teardown:

00:00 #158 No-code product teardown: Using Maps in Glide Apps to create a standout experience

Here is what I discuss in this video:
:02 - 3 Reasons why you should use Glide for your app idea
:02 - Simple landing page review
:03 - Glide is a PWA - when should you use it?
:04 - Using audio in Glide
:05 - How to integrate maps into Glide to create a standout ux
:06 - Best use of maps I've seen and not overload your users.
:06 - Use this UX trick with Glide Apps Maps to not overload your user"

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