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Last updated on:
April 13, 2022

Glide is one of the top ways to get started that I advise to any Maker looking to launch their first no-code app. It uses Google Sheets as a CMS to store information and turns that into a mobile optimized web app.

The Glide visual development experience and Google Sheets integration combined create a very user friendly experience to create. Essentially this means the learning curve is very low and you do not need any prior technical experience to get started.
I’ve used Glide to launch a project, and was blown away at how fast I could create something from concept to launch. 

Glide embodies the power of no-code. The speed of time to market cannot be matched. 

However, the one drawback is flexibility in the app. That is why I recommend checking out the reviews and inspiration of other projects below so that you can get a sense for if this tool will get the job done for you.

Below are some of the best no-code actual applications created by some insanely talented Makers who launched using Glide as part of the side project stack. – Forward done by Michael Novotny. Maker of Side Project Stack.

How might this tool be a fit for you:

  • Are you familiar with using Google Sheets? Then you’re off to a familiar start. Glide is built on top of Google sheets which drastically reduces the learning curve for picking up a new tool ——> that means more time saved from make to launch.
  • The Glide user interface is extremely user friendly and rates as one of the best. The reason is because you can teach a lot by yourself through trial and error with instant feedback visual. Meaning you can see exactly what you're building while you are building it. This feedback mechanism reduces issues and improves your ability to create something DIY.
  • Financially you can do a lot with the free service. Glide is generous with their freemium which allows you to test out an idea without cost and get some validation before you invest more time and money into it.

How might this tool not be a fit for you:

While ease of adoption is a plus, it lacks in flexibility to customize. Glide can do a lot, and I would recommend that if you are looking to create something quickly and its your first time, consult with an expert prior would be well worth your time to ensure it will deliver everything that you need. A 30 minute conversation could save you days if not weeks trying to find all the right features for your idea.

Notes from the Makers

Glide is an awesome tool if you are into making apps. They have some really powerful features like chat, notifications.
+They have some awesome tutorials that helps people to quickly take advantage of the platform.
+Also you can talk to a Glide expert who can help you with niche problems. David(co-founder) is really responsive. He address most of the questions in less time. 

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