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What is it:

Let's come together and support each other here on Help Your Artist

What did I learn:

1. Product Strategy: This is a great stack to use if you are proficient in Webflow. If not, I would recommend that you use something like Pory.io or Softr.io. The reason is Webflow is a great tool for designing a higher fidelity design.

For launching simpler landing page like this unless you have experience in Webflow, why spend the time to learn it?Webflow does not give you that much more as a product that it is worth the headache of learning the CMS and the bloated front end design tool to create a simple webpage.

Would you rather spend your time learning a new tool or spend your time launching something and talking to users to reduce the feedback loop in your iteration process? So that you can make something that people love and are willing to pay money for?

I'd recommend that you could use a stack like Pory.io, Airtable and it would create an outcome like this, but with much less time.

Build lean and you will have more time to iterate. The faster you iterate, the quicker you get a successful product. It's a race.

2. No-code tool stack: Airtable, Typeform and Integromat. The way this stack is being used in this product I think could be simplified. Because Webflow is the front end, and Typeform is being used as a form, Integromat is the middle layer of software that is sending the data from Typeform to Airtable and then to the backend of the Webflow CMS to display the artist in the webpage.

I would recommend to use a simpler stack by using one tool that integrates with Airtable natively. That would be Pory.io or Softr.io.

3. No-code tool feature: SoundCloud/Webflow - on the artist page there is a soundcloud wave/gif being used. I thought this was really well executed. It is really clean design and fits nicely on the image. And catches the eye, motivating the user to click it to listen. Which is linked to the artists Soundcloud.

I thought this was a really nicely done engagement execution to help the user experience value in the website by listening to some artists music. I think as a V1 this is good enough. However, once the user clicked the soundcloud icon it sent the user to Soundcloud and out of the experience. Which would reduce your chances at activating your user to donate through your website to the artist.

Again I think great execution for V1, but long term it will be key to ensure the user does not leave the experience, feels the value and then seamlessly can give towards an artist all within the app.

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