A Sweet Life App - Made by a Doctor to help his patients by healthier

A Sweet Life App

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Pros and cons of using Glide for this app created by a Doctor

What is it:

A Sweet Life App - Made by a Doctor to help his patients by healthier

What did I learn:

1. No-code can enable anyone to be a Maker: No-code can do more than empower product managers or developers stand up a working application quickly. We are seeing a game changing shift in the paradigm of who is a Maker.

Dr. Mikhil C. Kothari created this no-code app with Glide to help his patients and his practice get the best health results. Dr. Kothari stated, "Using @glideapps, I’ve made an app to help deliver my patient’s needs and stay connected."

With it Dr. Kothari is able to do things he was not before by seeing his patients record of vitals, reports, give educational material, and analysis data and trends for each patient. Because Dr. Kothari was able to create the app himself, he was able to quickly design it exactly how he had in mind so that he can now track patients blood sugar levels and provide a tighter feedback loop between him and the patient.

2. No-code tool feature: Pros and Cons of Glide -
Dr. Kothari provides the pros and cons to his experience using Glide:
Ease of use
Ease of accessibility of information, tools
Saves time to explain and note repetitive points
Makes the patient secure having the information easily available
Cloud backup
Cross-platform - Android, Desktop and iOS

Requires internet access
Slow transitions
Limitations of the free app to data of up to 500 rows of data (Paid being ~228$ with 25000 rows)
Can’t be downloaded from the app store, need to add web-page to the home screen

3. Product Strategy - What is the future of no-code? I have no idea. But what I do know is I am witnessing some incredible things right now. One of which is seeing a Doctor create his own web app to help his patients. This is amazing.

The reason why I am so high on this segment of creators is because they have such an advantage. Why do they have an advantage? Well let me give you an analogy or saying that is popular. Have you ever heard someone say, "well that is an inside job" alluding to some unfair advantage or something unique about why something happened some way.

That is exactly what we are seeing with this segment of creators because they are already experts or professionals in some market, niche or field. A doctor knows exactly what his patients need. He doesnt need some kid who dropped out of stanford with a pocket full of his dads VC money to sell him some technology to be a better doctor. Instead the doctor can create his own technology and scratch his own itch and solve his own problem. Now this doctor is a software developer. And that is a crazy scary good thing in my opinion. Because what are the possibilities?

I can give you many more examples. But the point I am trying to make, what are you an expert in that you could use your network, position, or insider experience to create an app that you don't have to try and communicate it to an agency. You can just create it yourself.

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