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3 things to know when building a CRUD app with Bubble

What did I learn:

Writers Compound is no longer viewable. However, from the experience I can detail out what are the top 3 things that Bubble can do that were used in this project.

However a very similar project that KP has made previously that has functionality very similar to this is Letterdrop.io

1. Beta - When creating a new product Bubble allows for access through a subdomain url that allows you to create a beta version. An example is prior to fully releasing letterdrop KP used a domain beta.letterdrop.io. I thought this was interesting and in case you want to also prepare your production version you can do so on your main domain while beta is still running. This is good flexiblity to have a product running, gathering feedback from your users, growing the sign up while also preparing and updating your production version of the product.

2. B=MAT - You will hear me talk about this alot, but its really important that I believe to learn the art and science of product building. This equation is founded by Stanford Prof BJ Fogg. It states that in order for a behavior to occur, you must have sufficient motivation*access*trigger. If you google B=MAT by BJ fogg there is an excellent diagram to see that really helps you visualize it.

In this product what I like is that you are able to click an upvote something someone has written while not logged in. However, in order for your upvote to count you must be logged in. When you click the upvote button, Bubble triggers a message that states you must sign in and takes you to the sign in page. Before bubble this type of complex product user behavior design required coding. Similar to what you see in Product Hunt. No-code is changing the game and allowing for this, enabling product builders to get create a more life like product.

3. Sign up flow - Bubble handles this with a plug in so that you do not have to. What I like about it allows flexibility to use your email or twitter account for a social log in. I have not seen the ability to do passwordless entry and use tokens but I am sure if you check out the plugin before you buy you can find the details.

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