Tinder like app with subscriptions.

Matchmaking App

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Private communities are the new norm and users are avid for them.

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Create a matchmaking service like Tinder with Glide

What is it:

Tinder like app with subscriptions (community subscription app)

Do you want to make money with a match making app? With this template, users can browse but can't initiate contact unless they have bought a subscription in your website! After purchasing their subscription, users can match and message each other.

Maker Insight: Private communities are the new norm and users are avid for them.

What did I learn:

1. Create a community that you can require payment to enter. No-code is still very new. When something is new, there is a wave of early adopter opportunity. Jesus shows that you can very easily and cheaply recreate an experience that would ordinarily cost a lot to engineer like Tinder. I don't know if I would advise recreating Tinder, but I would advise if you have an idea that involves some core concepts like having users pay to buy to enter a community Glide can handle that. Check out this experience made by Jesus to get an idea for what that might look like. Jesus is also a very talented and expert Maker with Glide that you could reach out to with any questions for your app idea and buy this template to get started faster.

2. Preview template feature - Browse an app before you buy. This feature is very helpful and a huge value not just for Glide Makers selling their apps on the Glide store, but in this example if you are creating a community or some type of service behind a pay-wall. Anyway that you can get a user further down the purchasing funnel and increase conversions is a great thing to try.

From a side project perspective, instead of creating a landing page with video and snapshots or demo of your app, when you first create your product, a faster way to get feedback is just using this feature to demo your product. A negative is that you may not be able to see analytics on page views or how much the user interacted with your app.

3. Create a glide app and niche down. Create your own B2B business using glide and create custom solutions for small businesses that ordinarily would have never pay for expensive custom development. Think of a local business that may need a glide app to replace a workflow or service they are already doing or how it could enhance their product and service.

Many small businesses would never hire a development team to create an application for them. I think there are a couple ways that come to mind that you could build a legitimate business model off using Glide development only. 1. Agency model - you could create a custom solution for them. However you already have a template built so you could modify it based off of their specific requirements and sell that service as an out right development fee to create the app. 2. You could set up the app and allow them to own the technology it but pay you to manage it and service it or update like an agency model.

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