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Costs for each subscription:

ChartMogul: $125/mo (free until $10k MRR)
Parabola: $100-$200/mo
Integromat: $99/mo
Airtable: $0/mo

Technically you could make this automation at these prices:

Integromat: $9/mo
Parabola: $16/mo
Airtable: $0/mo
ChartMogul: $125/mo (but free if <$10k MRR)

Expert level
hours to build

Build an automated metrics dashboard with no-code and Chart Mogul

What is it:

Automated Metrics Dashboard

What did I learn:

1. Chartmogul - What is it? It brings together your disparate data across all the applications your business uses into one place so that you can get a dashboard for how your business is performing. It is set up by importing information and then can send it. You can connect all your billing systems and then export charts and information to see.

2. The Flow - Based on what Matt has shared it appears he is aggregating all his data into Airtable then pushing it to Parabola. Where he has a massive amount of steps to put together the data into a format for Chartmogul. I will need to follow up with Matt to confirm this but this is the general flow that I see: Airtable>Parabola>ChartMogul>Integromat>Twitter

3. Build and audience with some automation - Final step automating is with Integromat pushing automated daily updates to their twitter handle here:

What is fascinating is that this creates a way to build an audience and build in the open sharing data related to their journey. Because these Makers are not having to spend time with mindless daily data crunching, they can work on their projects and ship products at a very impressive rate.

If you are looking to find a no-code way for this last step, Maker Dimitris recently created a tutorial for how to do that:

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