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Keeping up with writing a newsletter is hard!

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13 insights to choosing the best way to build a job board without code

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Your gateway to a career in legal tech ⚖️

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Keeping up with writing a newsletter is hard!

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Here I do a product teardown in video: 


I share 13 things you can learn to give you the best way to build a job board without writing code.

00:00 Best tools for a no-code job board
02: Intro to the Maker Daan
02: Should you build a job board? When should you consider it
03: How to figure out which no-code tools to use based on your current business/brand position
06: What page structure is key for SEO and which no-code tools offer the best solution?
07: Product Strategy - reduce risk in overbuilding - select tools with less customization to focus on growing other parts of your business
08: Feature list of Niceboard
11: Most important advice I can give is to seek to validate first not build - The temptation to build is high, so how do we reconcile this?
13: Don't prioritize this feature or task in your first job board
13: Three different types of job boards and three different types of job board no-code tools. Most important questions to ask yourself when figuring out which tools to use. This will save you a ton of time.
13: Low end, low customization fastest turnkey job board no-code tool
15: Medium end, low customization fast turnkey job board no-code tool
16: High end, high customization build job board no-code tool
20: How I would use Webflow and Bubble together to deliver the ultimate job experience built with no-code
23: Hard lesson of building things that every Maker learns

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