How Alex went from idea to product to 1000 users in 3 days building with nocode
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Alex Friedman
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Founder: Alex Friedman Best Place to Find Her: Twitter . Alex shares how she went from a single tweet to a product overnight and 1000 users in 3 days.

Alex shares the story behind going from idea to acquisition building with nocode and many more of her advantages.

00:00 Intro to Alex
01:00 Alex’s story - how she got her entrepreneur start
02:00 Doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to start. Just start and figure it out
03:00 Painful founder lesson learned - reduce risk and emotional attachment by shipping fast
07:00 How to create your own luck with networking
10:00 A NEW way to build a startup: Use no-code to give value first to validate quickly
14:00 Story behind one tweet that started Foundergigs - starting within a niche and knowing the problem space + Serendipity
17:00 What building shortcuts did she use to launch quickly
20:00 No-code enabled Alex to capture momentum. Without it she may have missed the opportunity
22:00 Lesson learned: How to ship quickly and where is it good enough to ship. Unfinished is your advantage
26:00 Advantage of shipping an unfinished
27:00 NUMBER 1 most important think for Founders to think about that arent. Start from what type of business that you want to build and work backwards into the lifestyle business.
38:00 No-code is a gamechanger for helping non technical founders build something
40:00 Story behind No-code startup acquisition of Foundergigs

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Hi, i'm michael

I started Side Project Stack to help Makers reduce the time and effort to make stuff with no-code.I launched Get Stackd. A former #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt. It helps Makers find the best no-code tools to use to make something. It's a 100% automated web app built with no-code.

What's interesting about it? Get Stackd take's the data from over dozens and dozens successfully made no-code projects to recommend the best starting point of tools to use to make your idea. I hope that you try it out. It's perfect for just starting out.Ill be adding more to the no-code space.

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