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Last updated on:
April 13, 2022

Tribe is a community platform designed to empower the customer communities of businesses. It is popular for its customizability, the ability to deeply integrate into products, and a thriving app ecosystem to extend the functionality of the platform. Businesses build online communities with Tribe to improve customer relationships, boost retention, and lifetime value.

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Tribe has three key differentiators:

Customizability - we enable community builders to create unique experiences for their members using page builders, blocks, themes, and templates. No coding is needed.

Embeddability - Tribe seamlessly integrates into existing websites, mobile apps, and web apps with a suite of widgets as well as SDK. This way community builders can engage members where they already exist.

Extensibility - Tribe empowers community admins to enhance the capability of the community and integrate the community into their tech stack using a rich App Store. Tribe also enables community builders to add custom functionality to the community with the help of Tribe's Developer Portal which requires coding expertise.

A thriving community - Tribe's customer community has thousands of members who are helping each other. We also regularly host valuable resources, guides, webinars, tips & tricks to help community admins become better professionally and great users of the Tribe Platform.

Plus plan - $49/mo (annual subscription)
- Free for up to 100 members
- Custom domain
- Analytics
- Social login
- Plus apps (Zapier integration, Google Analytics, Cookie Consent)

Premium - $199/mo (annual subscription)
- Premium apps (Amplitude integration, custom app, code snippet app, etc.)
- Single Sign-On (SSO)
- Remove Tribe branding
- API and webhooks
- 100,000 total members

Enterprise - Get in touch with our team for pricing
- Enterprise-grade security
- Data residency
- Uptime SLA
- Customer success manager
- Custom billing & MSA

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