A development platform to build and host APIs, automations and integrations without the need for code, frameworks or infrastructure.
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Last updated on:
April 13, 2022

A general-purpose low-code platform for building backends like APIs, automations and integrations

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A common concern for programmers considering low-code tools is the lack of flexibility. Most low-code tools are based on a workflow paradigm. Linx differs by following a programming paradigm which makes it more of an all-rounder and easy for developers and IT professionals to pick up. It also means that complexity and scalability are no longer a concern.

Linx abstracts programming concepts so our tools naturally work like common programming tools. The Linx Designer is an IDE that allows you to program and debug at a higher level and saves the program specification to files that are deployed to one or more Linx Servers to run the application.

Building solutions in Linx should be no different to how you would do it with low-level programming, it’s just with bigger pieces, more visual help and lots of ready-made functionality available on the server-side. You can almost say we’re a low-code Visual Studio for backend development.

IDE Designer (to build your solution) - Free
Server (to host your solution) - From $49/m on premise or cloud.

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