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April 13, 2022

Carrd is the simplest and fastest way to stand up a single page website. It has a very low learning curve to get acclimated to using to get your project going. If you’re looking to get something going fast, this tool is it. 

What’s even more you can try Carrd without even signing up. That matters. But why try it when would should I really consider using it? If you are looking to launch a product quickly, Carrd is one of the most popular used landing pages because of its simplicity. The problem with making isn’t lack of choices. It’s too many. Carrd simplifies this. You need to avoid analysis paralysis. Your enemy is choice. When launching a side project, speed matters. That’s why this tool is my number 1 recommendation for launching a side project. 

But there is more you should consider. As a Maker who has shipped many projects over the years the long term roadmap of a tool matters. Let me explain. I launched my first side project in 2016 in a tool called Instapage. Instapage became bloated with features. More features and they eventually raised the prices to an absurd amount per month. They trapped me. 

That pisses me off. There is no way I was going to pay 100+ for a webpage landing tool. What’s more I could not transfer my landing page for me very first side project. Devasted because it was my first, I was emotionally attached to it. Furious I am dedicated to helping Makers make the right tool choices for the long term and short term. 

I don’t know what’s inside AJ, the Maker of Carrd’s head for the roadmap of this tool. But in talking with him, it seems as though his vision is razor sharp for keeping it as it is as a simple web page site builder. You can build multipe pages, but if you’re looking for a tool that provides sub folders, like how sideprojectstack.com is built, I would recommend something like WordPress.

Hope this helps. See more down below to see if this tool is a fit for you. 
Below I’ll be adding some of the best no code actual applications created by some insanely talented Makers who launched using Carrd as part of their side project stack. – Forward done by Michael Novotny. Maker of Side Project Stack.

How might this tool be a fit for you:

  • Rates 10/10 for ease of use and adoptability
  • Very good documentation and work instructions with how to’s
  • Customer service is very helpful and responsive
  • Site Responsiveness is top for website builders. Google rewards site speed

How might this tool not be a fit for you:

  • Build a multipage website with links like: "sideprojectstack.com/no-code-tools" are not possible. Adding the "/no-code-tools" won't help you if your strategy is to build for SEO as a way for user's to discover your product.​
  • Extreme design control in your website
  • Adding element based animations.​

Notes from the Makers

Michael Novotny:
Carrd is my go to front end tool to build a simple web page. But don’t get conflate simple with lacking features. There actually is everything that you need built inside this insanely easy to use and beautifully designed website builder. I cannot recommend this tool enough. #1 in my tools to recommend. You will not be disappointed. 
It is dead simple to use. Plus the cost is insanely fair and reasonable. It actually feels underpriced. 
(-)I wish there was the ability to have subfolders. But I understand this feature is the opposite approach of what AJ of Carrd has designed to do. 

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