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April 13, 2022

Adalo believes “Stop Making Mockups. Start Making Real Apps.” And I could not agree more.

Adalo you can publish a native mobile app or a web app. Adalo is mainly known for making it easier to launch a native mobile app.

Adalo is a tool that I personally have not tried. All Maker reviews and projects are used to recommend this product. 

Below you can see actual Maker products and “In their words” Makers who launched using Adalo as part of the side project stack.

How might this tool be a fit for you:

  • Easier to pick up and get started than Thunkable but not as powerful as Thunkable. Makers often remark that if you need to build a native mobile app Adalo is a good starting point.
  • "Today, I’d choose Adalo for anything that’s generally straightforward (forms, databases, lists), which is probably 90% of all app ideas. I’d use Thunkable for everything beyond that, though!" - Drew Thomas
  • "Good 3rd party integration like with Zapier to connect back end" - Sebastian Hoffman
  • "Provides good mix of building things quickly with higher level of customization" Sebastian Hoffman
  • Adalo team an assist with launching to the App store

How might this tool not be a fit for you:

  • Cannot do custom API's yet (this Maker information is as of May and Adalo may have enabled this functionality)
  • "If you want to do something completely custom Thunkable you can definitely do it. I might have been able to achieve the same goal with Adalo but wasnt sure." - Drew Thomas
  • "I had quite a hard time getting my app published on the Apple App Store. It took me countless iterations after getting rejected." Adalo helped by looking at what was being done wrong and has sense automated some of this process.

Native Mobile App Review of Adalo – Read Sebastian’s full interview of what he learned

What advantage will this stack give you? This tool allows you to get going quickly to make a native mobile app.
I tried two other no-code tools before deciding on Adalo to build my app. Glide was easy to use but lacked many features like the option to launch in the app stores. I also played around with Bubble but found it confusing and hard to get something out quickly. Adalo was the obvious choice for me in terms of building something quickly, level of customization, third-party integration, and publishing options. I used Adalo mainly for the frontend and data structure. They offer an integration with Zapier which was useful to trigger and automate workflows. For instance, on new use signup I synced that via Zapier to Airtable, which I use as sort of my lightweight CRM system
When I built the first version of my app and I wanted to deploy it to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, it just didn’t work on Adalo’s end. Their team, who is really responsive by the way, and I worked together troubleshooting and resolving the issues. Eventually, they fixed everything so an automated deployment is now possible. 

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