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That if you know what you want to build, and create a limited spec, no code tools can allow you to make something in less than an hour!

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The fastest way to build a directory site with no-code tool Pory

What is it:

It's a simple site to discover, upvote, and share your favorite newsletters

Maker Insight:

That if you know what you want to build, and create a limited spec, no code tools can allow you to make something in less than an hour!

What did I learn:

1. is a tool to create a website with the backend built in Airtable. "Turn your Airtable data into a website in minutes without code" It might not be minutes but it's definitely fast and can be done in under one hour. I've taken for a spin and it is very easy to use. It's extreme user friendliness plus with the value it offers as well as price have moved this into the number 1 recommended tool to use for its category in the Get Stackd tool. Previously, we have table2site holding the spot if you were using Airtable as a backend. Sheet2site is another similar tool to use if you are comfortable with spreadsheets.

However, given the price point and value and easy of doing this this tool gets my highest recommendation. It's a perfect "starter stack" to use if you are just getting into no-code or even if you are seasoned vet, the speed to launch with this tool is unmatched.

Finally, the backend is built in Airtable. I highly recommend that you start learning with this tool. Airtable can be stretched in so many ways that it is a tool worth your while to invest in long term.

2. Automated or not automated. It's your choice. There is flexibility in how you build the back end. The way Robert has this set up is if you want to submit your newsletter, you can by using an Airtable form. The beautiful thing about this is how easily it integrates into your Airtable database being used as a CMS for your content. From here you could feed the information to into the base that populates the front end website. Or you can gave the submission go into another folder, get alerted that a new submission has been made (airtable builds this in by email) and then review it before posting live to the website.

This flexibility is key if you want to ensure high quality submissions before they go live onto the site.

3. Building with no-code is faster than building with prototypes. One of my mantra's is "prototypes are dead". Prototyping has its place. So I don't mean that in all sincerity. But why build a prototype when you can build a fully functioning web app with no-code in less time? The higher the fidelity the mvp the greater the clarity and more precise feedback you can measure to see if your idea is worth building on top of.

With pre-made templates like has, this is a no-brainer to use this tool to test out your idea and grow your audience while you continue to build something that gives greater value to your project.

In that way, no-code is a game changer. However, that being said, be on the look out to see what the Figma and Bubble integration looks like long term. This looks promising. As many of you know Figma is a prototyping tool. And its integration with Bubble means that what you create in Figma can be transported into Bubble.

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