Find a Job in No-Code Startups. Job board with +180 carefully curated job openings from the hottest tech space

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Building is the easy part. Trying to make money from it is much more difficult

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Comparing tools like Table2site, Pory and Sheet2site for your listing app

What is it:

Daniel created a job board using tools that do not require knowing how to code. He describes it as, "Find a Job in No-Code Startups. Job board with +180 carefully curated job openings from the hottest tech space".

What can we learn from it?

1. Daniel used a tool called Table2site. This is a tool popularized with using a simple backend (Airtable) to act as a CMS that lists information onto simple pre-made templates. These templates can be a job board, landing page or a card designed list like Nomad-list.

2. The cost is something that you cannot beat. However, Table2site is still invite only. I have no idea why. But I would be concerned as to why they have not expanded. Recently we saw Elliot crash and burn. To me this is not a good sign. They have been invite only for more than 1 year. Where there is smoke there is fire. As tempting as it would be to use this tool, I would caution unless they show signs of life.

3. You can't beat tools like Table2site. However, I would steer clear of them as there are two very good alternatives. The new kid on the block that uses Airtable as a backend that I would recommend you try is This is template front end with a backend built in Airtable like Table2site. Also competitor that I have used is Sheet2site but uses Google sheets as a backend. To me using Airtable as a backend is superior because it functions a lot more like a database, you will be able to do a lot more with it and apply more logic and algorithms to deliver a custom experience. In Daniel's project, he does a great job of using these tools to list a job board. He stated that his project is mostly automated. Which adds to his value prop of making sure they are high quality job posts. If you are starting a job board, I recommend this is a sound approach to learn from. If you dont have volume, you must have quality. And that is the value that Daniel offers here.

I'd like to applaud Daniel for simplicity of build. Many times I see Makers (l👀ooking at myself in the mirror ) who have a propensity to overbuild. Less is more and Daniel shows this in his product and its job that it serves, to help folks find a job in no-code.

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