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Custom Social Media App

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Building a no-code app with Integromat

What is it:

Custom Social Media Planner

What did I learn:

1. Product strategy: Dimitris is using free content to give away helpful tutorial about how to make something using no-code tools. He then is setting up a way to get more of this by linking to a course for more. In the video description he links to the airtable form asking a few more questions.

This is a great way to show and give value first, then get some value capture and begin to qualify the leads.

What do I mean by this:
1. In the form Dimitris asks if they want to get free access to the course once it is released.
2. He asks for please fill out the form so that your spot can be secured and it can help him make it as valuable as possible.
3. Now that he has incentivized and provided sufficient motivation, he asks a few questions and the first he begins to qualify the lead by segmenting it into three different types of future buyers. This is a brilliant move because now can provide a course tailor made for a specific profile of a customer.
4. Why would you segment users? Because you cannot be all to everyone. Now Dimitris can really understand who is that needs this, and he can qualify them to find out how much money would they be wiling to pay for it? Based on that data he can then decide how in-depth of a course he needs to make. For example say he has a lot of people signed up through this, that express a high desire for help with a social media planner. Because they may be hobbyist, he will may need to think through they have a high pain point but a low cost point that they would be willing to pay money to solve it. So he may want to tailor make the content to be lighter or smaller and cheaper.

Conversely if there are small businesses who have established budgets who want a bespoke system that they can use to help them post better in social media or post more efficiently. He may create a price point that is higher matching what their need is to the difficultly level of creating it.

2. No-code tool feature: Airtable - In this tutorial I would really recommend that you take a few minutes to watch it. It's free and it gives you a great foundation for what is possible with Airtable.

Airtable is an essential tool to building with no-code because it gives you the power of a database without having to worry about the complicated code to create one. Sending and receiving data to Airtable is a breeze with using tools like an Airtable form, using Zapier or Integromat to send data to the Airtable base.

Once you send data to the Airtable base, you can then have pre-made columns that have formulas as logic and business rules in them. So that when a cell of data is added, the formulas can apply automatically.

Thirdly, you can then set up a zapier step to take that data and send an automated email message with that information.

This is a major difference from Google sheets. Google sheets does not allow you to do this.

This basic principle is so important to learn with Airtable that I recommend it as a starter course to learning to build with no-code. It can give you superpowers to be able to apply personalized outcomes to users.

3. No-code tool feature: Integromat - One of the best tools available to make automations with is Integromat. The reason is that gives you superpowers to be able to take information and send it to different places just like an API.

Integromat is slightly different than Zapier in how it works.

But how do you know when to use Integromat vs Zapier?

To get more information on this I would recommend that you check out the post I wrote about based on an interview I did with Zapier/Integromat expert Andrew Davison.:

And you can check out the no-code wiki page for more inspiration and notes from Makers on what they said about using Integromat:

You can also read more about the Maker notes and how Makers are using Zapier here:

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