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Building an automated newsletter that scales with no-code

What did I learn:

1. Michael provides a great video tutorial of creating his application. I'd recommend viewing that in the Maker insights column. What is really impressive is how Michael has used Zapier and Airtable together to create an automated email distribution so that he does not have to edit the email templates.

This is a massive time saver. And before he did it, I did not know it was possible. I am considering doing this but for tweeting and is something that you can do with one of the no-code tools created in this database by Dimietri which is called Social media planner.

2. Whats impressive is how Michael uses a trigger in his airtable by using a columns he selects when the information is ready to be send in the next days email. I did not know this was possible and I would recommend viewing the tutorial to see how he uses this as a trigger to start a Zap. The Zap then connects with another one that puts together all the information that will go into the body of the email and sends an automated email. Really impressive.

3. I really like the product concept here. I thought Michael was a trend setter by providing simple bitesize pieces of information. Recognizing that there is so much information out there, instead of doing something once a week and providing a massive update that would take a long time to read. Who reads long emails? He leveraged no-code in a way that made it possible for him to send automated bitesize updates with 3 pieces of information. 1 new no-code tool, 1 new nocoder and 1 new no-code product. Ive seen this model copied by many other Makers and it makes sense. His conversion and open rate was through the roof when he first launched, his product was easy to understand, easy to consume and hit high on value. Its no wonder he received a #2 product of the day when he launched.

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