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Maker: Whit Best Place to Find Him: Twitter Project stack for Random Pizza can be found here. Project link for Random Pizza.

TL;DR – Whit shows why no code is a gamechanger . How it will create an avalanche of Makers willing to try novel ideas that seemed contrarian. Snapchat was contrarian. Not saying Random Pizza is Snapchat. But its opposite of what you think might be a good idea to spend your time. But with nocode thats the magical part. There is no risk when you can build an app in an afternoon.

1. What did you make?

WA: The cheesy subscription that randomly delivers you pizza 🍕

2. What problems were you trying to solve, your motivation, what is your why for this?

WA: No problem. I simply thought, wow it is really nice to receive a random free pizza after a networking event or at a coworking space. This insight seems obvious and might not seem like an insight at all, but after thinking more this was my assumption: I obviously would not pay for a pizza I received for free after a networking event. The experience of getting that free pie was a happy surprise that I could then share with others. So the assumption really is “Someone would pay for the experience of this “happy surprise” upfront so that it could happen more often” (monthly).

This assumption could very well be wrong but I wanted to test it out. I came up with the idea on a Thursday, quickly spun up a fake landing page in 30 minutes, and then as customer discovery I sent a screenshot to my friend who is a big pizza guy. I gave him no context and didn’t share with him that it was my idea (also didn’t lead the witness “Look how cool this is”). Our conversation is below. I then discussed with some close friends on Friday (KP & @edmundamoye). They encouraged me so I built for 5 hours on Sunday then launched on Twitter Monday morning.

3. What different tools did you use? 

Webflow – Website
Gumroad – Subscription / Payments
Typeform – Data on Preferences / Form
Google Sheet – Database
Zapier – Pushing & Pulling Data / Automations

4. Can you talk specifically about why you chose those tools? And how did you figure out to use those tools? Were there any others you considered or failed with at first?

WA: Webflow is my bread and butter. It is cumbersome at first but provides so much value as a base website. I have tried others but none allow me integrations, clonability, and customization of Webflow (At least for me).
Typeform is what I typically use for submission. I was hoping it would also act as my subscription payment tool but sadly they only do one-time payments. I ended up using them for “Sending a friend a One-off Pizza”
I turned to Gumroad for the subscription payments. I have a deep love for their brand via twitter and Sahil. They care about makers. Also, their product is dope. Lots of customizations for discount codes, pricing tiers, etc.
Google Sheets – Default that typeform sends to. I like it. Free.
Zapier was my automation hack. When people signed up on Gumroad a “Zap” occurred that would send an introductory email (from: saying them and linking them to the final step, set your preferences.

5. What is the most interesting no code stack that you made or anything interesting you’d like to share?

WA: This project is my most interesting stack. In the past, I typically build using Webflow and do forms via Typeform.

6. What would you do differently building it or something valuable you learned you’d like to share with other makers? 

WA: Do differently: Not sure I’ve had that insight yet. It’s early.
Learning: It is still early days on this project but people need to actually buy/engage in your product for you to realize it has value. Having some buzz when it’s new then it fades off doesn’t mean people want it. That’s fine. Adjust the value prop (not slightly but drastically) then see what the response is. Eventually you might have something or move on to something else.

7. Please provide what links to your project website, your twitter, where can people return the love?

Please reach out on Twitter if you ever need advice, support, or even just want to chat about what you’re working on. I’m early days on all this Maker stuff so we’re all in the same boat. 

9. Is there anything else you would like to share or some feedback/request/action that you’d like to ask the Side Project Stack Audience to do for you?

WA: Trying to get some early subscribers to see if receiving a pizza randomly offers enough value. Set your preferences and receive random pizza 🍕. 
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(Not sure if you want to do that or not but thought it could be fun).
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What's interesting about it? Get Stackd take's the data from over dozens and dozens successfully made no-code projects to recommend the best starting point of tools to use to make your idea. I hope that you try it out. It's perfect for just starting out.Ill be adding more to the no-code space.

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